QSL Info / Log search

QSL Info / Log search

QSL info: QSL is ok via direct (SAE + 2$) or via bureau. We are trying to upload our electronic logs as often as possible to LoTW and eQSL. 

Our adress for direct QSL is:
Radio-klub "Novi Beograd"
Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 166
11070 Novi Beograd

You can also check if you are in the log and request the bureau card for our QSO(s) if you wish via the great ClubLOg service. We are sorry, but many older paper logs are lost due to unfortunate flooding of our premises in the past.
Please, do not forget to send your card to us as well, we appreciate it!

YU1FJK - our main call

YU1FJK/p - call we use in portable operations

YU1AAV - our club-section call

YU1AFP our club-section call

YU1KNO - our club-section call

YT0T - our contest call

4N1A - our old contest call (till 2006)

YU0TESLA - our special event call in 2016


Trivia: our oldest QSO confirmed via LotW dates back in 1960: